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The Best Carpet Cleaning in Nassau County


Why The Green Cleaning Solution Is The Best.
Here at G.C.S we believe in our client’s health first and renewed carpets second. Imagine for a minute that your carpet was alive. I know it sounds crazy but humor me, if you were to clean him or her how would you do so?
A. With steam.
B. With chemicals and a towel
C. With a constant flow of water, shampoo & scrubbing.
We choose option C.
Option A. is known as steam cleaning and is what many of our competitors offer but, how clean can it be without soap? Would you feel clean if you showered and didn’t use any soap or shampoo?
Option B. is known as dry cleaning and is becoming very popular because there is little or no water used in this process. So they promote quicker drying times. In this scenario you are in the shower covered in soap that you will dry off and use little or no water. Think about the residue left behind, would you feel clean?

Option C is known as shampooing and extraction; it’s the only method we use at Green Cleaning Solutions Inc. of Nassau County. It may take longer and is a more strenuous process, but will get you the best results.

If you would like the best process used to clean your carpets please contact us today at or call 516 343 8007 to schedule an appointment for a free no obligation in home estimate.

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