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Low Cost Carpet Cleaning in Nassau County New York

The myth of the lowest price in town carpet cleaning

Here at Green Cleaning Solutions Inc. of Nassau County New York We always inform our customers of the packages that we offer, and try to explain why an entire home can’t be done for $99.00. I found this on Angie’s list…”Wendie Zeller thought she was getting her carpets cleaned for a good deal, until the carpet cleaner arrived and began explaining all of the additional costs if Zeller wanted a "deep cleaning." When she declined the "deep cleaning" offer, the technician hooked up his vacuum to her water spigot, made a few quick passes through each room and was done in less than 30 minutes.

"I went upstairs (after he was done), and when I looked at the carpets, the first thing I said to him was: 'These don't look any different. They look like they're just wet.' He said because I didn't get the deep cleaning that I couldn't expect a better result. My carpets were no cleaner than they had been."

It's not uncommon for Angie's List to receive consumer reviews telling of a similar carpet cleaning bait and switch. Typically, these reports come in when consumers jump on a super-low discount, forgetting or neglecting to do their due diligence to research the company's local reputation.

When the technician in this scenario arrives, he or she begins tacking on charges for pre-spraying, closets, hallways, stairs and large rooms — and that low-low price is suddenly not so low. If the customer declines the add-ons, the technician may do a quick cleaning — sometimes, we're told, using only water in the vacuum with no cleaning agent at all.

"The company will say, 'Hey, its $75 for your whole house,' and the customer thinks it's a great deal," said Michael Marton of Marton's Carpet Care in Keller, Texas. "Once they arrive, though, it's: 'Oh, wait. You want me to clean it (correctly)? That will cost extra. You want me to remove those spots? You want me to pre-spray? Those cost extra. These rooms are big, so they're going to count as two rooms.' I had a customer charged $400 (by another company) for four rooms after they told them it would be $75."

At Green Cleaning Solutions Inc. of Nassau county New York we offer low cost cleaning packages. We give a free on the spot written estimate and there are never any add on or surprise costs. English art critic John Ruskin said “Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Our goal is to keep your carpets cleaner longer and help to maintain them properly with a deep cleaning process at a reasonable cost package of your choice. 


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