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Green Carpet Cleaning on Long Island Myth 2

Myth #2: Cleaning is an inherently polluting activity

Cleaning is in no way polluting. In fact, "clean" and "green" can be complementary concepts.

"Clean" is a condition free of unwanted matter. "Matter" is anything of sub-stance that has mass and is influenced by gravity.

Substances are of three forms: Solids, liquids and gases.

Substances can be living or nonliving. Matter can be measured and described quantitatively. Unwanted matter is any substance that gets in the way of human endeavors, poses a risk or causes an undesirable or adverse effect.

We often refer to this type of matter as pollution. It goes by many other names including waste, soil, dirt, dust, trash and pathogenic microorganisms.

"Cleaning" is the process used to achieve the clean condition. Cleaning can be best viewed as the fundamental environmental management process of putting unwanted matter in its proper place, thus ensuring a sustainable functioning environment.

Effective cleaning is the process of removing unwanted matter to the greatest or optimum extent, thus ensuring acceptable risk — the reduced probability of an adverse effect — for humans, valuable materials and the natural environment from exposure to the unwanted matter.

By definition and design, effective cleaning is fully protective of the environment. Effective cleaning as characterized by the following criteria is fully protective of the environment:

•Maximized measurable removal of pollutants from the environment or sub-compartment

•Minimum amounts of cleaning derived chemical, particle and moisture residue

•Cleaning for health first and appearance second

•Recognition of environmental compartment connectedness and measurable improved quality of the total environmental system


•Pollution prevention and waste minimization

•Proper disposal of cleaning wastes.

Effective cleaning is a science-based high performance management process.

The effectiveness of any cleaning system resides in the comprehensive, coordinated, scheduled, systematic cleaning coverage of the building and its connected compartments; the measured quantity of unwanted matter removed from the presence of humans and valuable materials; the use of cleaning equipment and technology tested and evaluated for effectiveness and safety; and the professional training of the cleaning staff at both the management and operational.

A high performance cleaning process or program is one that achieves an effective cleaning result on a consistent or sustained basis through the appli- cation of quality based management principles and proven management competencies.

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