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Green Carpet Cleaning on Long Island Myth 1

Myth #1: Environmentalism is a science-based movement to save the environment

During the past 40 years, environmental management and protection has gone from an engineering pursuit of putting waste in its proper place to a zealous political and popular culture-based movement called "environmentalism."

The suffix "ism" indicates a distinctive system of "beliefs" that guides a social movement, often undertaken by an elitist class of people. Unfortunately, environmentalism takes on cult-like, group-think characteristics.

Environmentalism exploits the love of environment tendencies that all humans possess. There is a name for those tendencies, "topophilia."

Environmentalism is, for the most part, not science based.

Science is most often completely ignored or deliberately misrepresented by environmentalists in order to achieve political, social or business objectives.

Environmentalism beliefs about the environment are often not based on rational facts; they are often based on irrational feelings, emotions and political correctness.

Regardless of what environmentalists and politicians say they "believe" to be an "inconvenient truth," without science and factual information we cannot identify and manage the essential conditions for life and human health.

Environment is not for the pleasure of the elite. In our free society, all citizens have the right to take a hard look at and question the facts behind environmental policies and programs, especially those affecting their lives.

Anyone who seriously cares about effective and responsible environmental management should challenge environmentalists: "Show me your data. Demonstrate to me by way of scientific methods, measurement and data how your beliefs and preaching protect the environment and contribute to the betterment of human life on the planet."

Frequently, those who do not adhere to the beliefs of environmentalism are put on guilt trips, berated, disenfranchised and presented as being stupid, irresponsible or uncaring.

Under no circumstance should a professional carpet cleaner allow him or herself to be put on a "green guilt trip." Professional cleaning began about 200 years ago with the "Sanitation Revolution," long before this "age of green."

Effective cleaning has done more to protect and extend life expectancy and protection of human health than any single event in human history.

Cleaners or sanitarians were taking care of the environment long before environmental activists and green chemical salesmen arrived on the scene.

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