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Low Cost Carpet Cleaning in Nassau County New York

The myth of the lowest price in town carpet cleaning Here at Green Cleaning Solutions Inc. of Nassau County New York We always inform our customers of the packages that we offer, and try to explain... Read More »

Carpet Stain Removal in Nassau County

You can save a little money removing most carpet stains on your own. The best way to remove carpet stains is to get them while they are just "spills" or "spots," long before a professional can get... Read More »

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Nassau County

Why The Green Cleaning Solution Is The Best. Here at G.C.S we believe in our client’s health first and renewed carpets second. Imagine for a minute that your carpet was alive. I know it sounds... Read More »

Area Rug Cleaning in Nassau County

RUG Cleaning Tips from Green Cleaning Solutions Inc. The best way to keep your area rug looking its best is to flip it upside down and vacuum the back of the rug. It is okay to use a beater... Read More »

Best Carpet Cleaning in Nassau County

Here at Green Cleaning Solutions Inc. we know floors are among the most heavily used areas in your home or business. They are magnets for everything for everything that is tracked into your living... Read More »

Green Carpet Cleaning on Long Island Myth 2

Myth #2: Cleaning is an inherently polluting activity Cleaning is in no way polluting. In fact, "clean" and "green" can be complementary concepts. "Clean" is a condition free of unwanted matter.... Read More »

Green Carpet Cleaning on Long Island Myth 1

Myth #1: Environmentalism is a science-based movement to save the environment During the past 40 years, environmental management and protection has gone from an engineering pursuit of putting waste... Read More »

Organic Carpet Cleaning on Long Island

Organic Carpet Cleaning Long Island by Green Cleaning Solutions Inc. offers:  Emergency 24x7 Services  Owner On-Site At All Jobs - No Contractors  High Quality Work  Non Toxic, Green... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning in Oceanside New York

Allergy season is just around the corner, if you suffer from allergies it’s time to contact the Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaners. At Green Cleaning Solutions we care about your family’s health and... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY

Why You Should Have Carpet Cleaning Carried Out On A Regular Basis     Carpet makers suggest regular carpet cleaning. Not merely will the carpet look better with built up stains, allergens and... Read More »